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Guitar Lessons Seattle

Is Your Guitar Playing Stuck In A Rut?

Learning AND playing guitar should be fun! We know that it can be for you!

Yet so often it feels like you’ve hit a wall with your playing. Your progress slows way, WAY down and you’re unsure of what to practice next in order to get any better. You feel frustrated or even bored by playing the same old stuff over and over again. On top of all that, you find that you are not getting the results you want…if any at all!

You want to know the right things and be able to play them the right way the first time. You want to be sure that you’re moving in the right direction. You want to sound like your guitar heroes, impress your friends and be admired for your new and improved musical talent. You want to play for your own enjoyment and have a super fun skill that will be with you for a lifetime. You want to progress quickly and with as little challenges as possible.

We understand exactly how you feel. 

We’ve seen it many times before, in fact, we have helped many students who have felt the same way. They have tried a lot of different ways to improve their guitar playing. Including YouTube, books, lesson apps, mediocre and unqualified teachers (including their friends). None of these things ever work, not really. There is no structure, nothing in place to keep you on the right track and no motivation to keep you going. Bad habits and other problems are formed that get you (and keep you) stuck! 

“Before taking lessons I couldn’t play any music I really liked. Since taking lessons here everything has gotten better. The notes actually sound good when I play them.” – Jason H.

“Through taking lessons here, I’ve learned a lot more about guitar. It’s really cool to be able to play with my friends. And tomorrow I’m going to play in my graduation.” – Claire M.

“Lessons keep me on track, help me to know what to do, be more organized, and play better. I’m thankful I did this because it has improved my guitar playing abilities.”   – Santiago R.

The Cost Of Learning On Your Own

It is very enticing to try to just teach yourself because it seems like a cheap and convenient option. Do not fall for this! Very soon you will realize that you do not know how to solve your own problems. And you will waste a lot of time trying to figure it out on your own. It is easy to become very discouraged and your motivation to play drops dramatically. Think about it this way: when was the last time you heard of a heart surgeon performing open heart surgery on themselves? Never. Or, ask yourself “how many other people have I successfully taught to become great guitar players?” Not many? Well, then why would you want to waste huge amounts of time and energy by experimenting on yourself?

When I first started playing guitar I was trying to teach myself. I made incredibly slow progress and became completely frustrated with guitar. As time went on, I developed tons of bad habits. Even to the point where I couldn’t practice anymore due to pain from carpel tunnel syndrome. Ouch. Years went by before I got help. My skills diminished and my playing was sloppy. I lost years where I could have been enjoying my guitar playing and feeling free to play exactly how I wanted.

Finally, I got help from a highly trained professional guitar teacher. And an amazing thing started happening… I started to overcome the obstacles in my way. My issues with pain were reversed and I was able to practice all day everyday without any issues…Ever. Overall, my playing massively improved because I was learning from a great teacher. I had a coach who gave me a clear path to follow. A mentor who taught me how to apply the knowledge I was learning so that I could actually reach my goals.

Imagine having a teacher who can provide you with structure and motivation. Someone to help you remove the stumbling blocks in your way so that you can play guitar the way you’ve always wanted to. 

We help people fix their problems and bad habits every day and we know we can help you as well.

At Seattle Guitar Mentor, we have the strategies, training, and expertise to help you get “un-stuck” so that you can have fun playing guitar.

“I tried to teach myself and became very discouraged. After just one lesson I felt a lot better. It’s a very casual atmosphere that made me feel comfortable, not afraid to make mistakes or ask questions. It’s a really positive experience.” – Stacy H.

“I was trying to teach myself. It was very frustrating and I made very slow progress. Since taking lessons, my progress has been so much more than I could have imagined. My confidence with the instrument has grown dramatically.” – Iain M.

“I feel like my progress has been significant. I don’t think I would have been able to get to where I am not if it hadn’t gone to Seattle Guitar Mentor.”   – Alex M.

How We Are Different From Other Guitar Lessons In Seattle

A lot of the guitar teachers are good and even excellent guitar players. They might have all the right credentials, degrees from the best music colleges, and experience in bands or in the studio. But (and it is a BIG but) they probably never learned how to be great guitar teachers. Too often, most teachers provide their students with one-size-fits-all lesson materials. This way of teaching is not effective and produces inferior results. 

Over the years, we’ve realized that the standards for guitar teaching are very low. We strive to raise those standards! 

We provide you with customized lesson strategies which give you big results quickly. We always look for the most effective teaching approach to use to provide superior results to our students.

Our teachers are trained and certified by the Elite Guitar Teachers Inner Circle. No other teacher in the Seattle area has this high caliber guitar teacher training. 

When you have the best guitar teachers working with you, you will get the best possible results. 

Get started today so that you can:

✅ Get innovative strategies and clear direction to follow. Stop feeling frustrated and be confident you’re getting big results

✅ Programs designed to meet your specific goals every time you show up to lessons. Feel certain you are getting better every time you pick up your guitar.

✅ Gain a better understanding of how music works so that you can feel more in control of your playing

✅ Get inspiration and drive from someone who is coaching you every step of the way. We want you to be able to stay motivated every time you pick up your guitar. Just like a trainer at the gym who makes sure you’re doing everything right, we will not let you fail!

✅ Learn to apply everything you learn so that you can play anything you want to play. We don’t teach using traditional methods. We teach you to integrate skills together so that you become a well rounded, competent player.

✅ Build your creativity, learn to improvise, write your own cool songs and jam with other musicians easily by ear.

Guitar Lessons With Us
Other Lessons
EGTIC Trained Teachers Yes No
Geometric Guitar Teaching Method Trained & Certified Yes No
Perfect Practice Guitar Training Method Trained & Certified Yes No
Rapid Results Guitar Training Method Trained & Certified Yes No
Dynamic Guitar Teaching Method Trained & Certified Yes No
Personalized Content Yes No
Integration Training Yes No
Songwriting Lessons Yes Maybe
Improvisation Lessons & Training Yes Maybe
Creativity Lessons Yes No
Student Objective & Goal Focus Yes No

✅ Start getting results on day 1 so that you can play the music you love with confidence

✅ Get clear guidance on what to do next, so that you stay motivated every time you pick up your guitar

✅ Step by step support with what and how to practice so you can replace your frustration with fun!

Tell Us About Your Guitar Playing

P.S. Don’t hesitate in getting in touch. There is no obligation to sign up for guitar lessons and we are looking forward to hearing from you. We want to give you the peace of mind that you are on the right path to playing guitar how you have always wished you could.

P.P.S. If it seems scary to get started, this is totally normal for the vast majority of people. This is why we do what we do. We love to help and will do whatever we can to get you playing guitar and feeling great about it. We don’t want to see you in 5 years wishing you had started away back when. We want to see you in 5 years blowing peoples minds with your guitar playing!